Hand-carved natural crystal moss agate nine-tailed fox

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Product name: moss agate nine-tailed fox
Product material: see the picture below
Product weight: about 54.6g
Product unit price: one
Product Size:
picture one   52.1×46.5mm
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  • moss agate nine-tailed fox:
  • Hand-carved natural crystal moss agate nine-tailed fox
  • Description
Weed agate is a weed agate in agate, a kind of agate mixed with green or other colors. Such as moss is called moss agate, such as aquatic plants are called aquatic agate, such as feathers are called feather agate. Its interior landscape is unique, and the natural texture is like the water plants floating in the river pond, graceful and winding. Aquatic agate has red, green, purple, yellow, brown and so on.
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