Hand Carved Natural Crystal Stone Garden Quartz Nine Tailed Fox

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Product name: Garden Quartz Nine Tailed Fox
Product material: see the picture below
Product weight: about 30~80g
Product unit price: one
Product Size:
picture one 57.6×51.5mm
picture two 63.3×31.8mm
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  • Garden Quartz Nine Tailed Fox:
  • Hand Carved Natural Crystal Stone Garden Quartz Nine Tailed Fox
  • Hand Carved Natural Crystal Stone Garden Quartz Nine Tailed Fox
  • Description
Garden quartz, also known as Vision Crystal. Phenomenal crystal refers to the crystal growth process, which contains minerals such as volcanic mud of different colors. In the transparent white crystal, natural phenomena such as clouds, water plants, whirlpools and even pyramids appear, and the color of the content is green. For the same reason, due to the change of the color of volcanic mud, red ghost, white ghost, purple ghost, gray ghost crystal, etc. will also be formed.
1. Green ghost crystal
One of the most famous effects should be its fortune-telling function. The green ghost is specially designed to attract wealth, and its shape gives people the feeling of a cornucopia. Many businessmen like to wear green ghost jewelry, which means that their careers are booming and they are soaring.
2. Red Ghost Crystal
Red ghost is one of the most common ghost crystal forms in ghost crystals. Generally, people who have seen red ghost will be fascinated by it, because its color is very gorgeous, and those built-in minerals are like flowers Like a blooming rose or a red peony, you can't put it down. After a woman wears it, it can not only show her personal charm, but also keep your complexion in the best state. What kind of red can it be? So charming, so intoxicating!
3. Yellow Ghost Crystal
In addition to the two more common ghost species, there is also a yellow ghost that is very popular. Its color is very bright, and it has the effect of attracting wealth. In addition, it also corresponds to the sun wheel of the human body, which can reduce some gastrointestinal diseases or discomfort. Contribute to human health.
4. White ghost crystal
In general, white ghosts appear in the form of spar. In addition to the wealth of ghosts, white ghosts can also refresh the mind and increase memory. For students, it can improve their academic performance, and for office workers, it can help them refresh their minds and improve their performance.
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