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Hot Selling Opal Rings

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Product Name:Opal Rings
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  • Hot Selling Opal Rings
  • Hot Selling Opal Rings
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Opal is one of the most beautiful and precious gemstones in the world, 95% of the world's opal is produced in Australia. The chemical composition of opal is SiO2˙nH2O (silica hydrate). According to the display of the shade of the opal embryo, it can be divided into colorless, white, light gray, dark gray and black. Unlike other gemstones, Opal's captivating coloration is based on a random "color game" that presents various colors in the spectrum.
1. Beautiful effect
White opal stone is a variety of opal stone in light-colored goods. Many people should want to know the effect of this variety of white opal stone. Compared with opal stone, the price will be much cheaper, and it is often used as a decorative effect, which has a good decorative effect.
2. Release the pressure
White Opal also has the benefit of releasing stress, because it has a clear and bright surface, but because of the rainbow-like color inside, it can make the person wearing White Opal more calm and stress relieved. Because of its color, it is also used as a metaphor for pure and perfect love.
3. Enhance function
Wearing white opal for a long time can also improve human function and promote blood circulation, because opal contains certain trace elements needed by the human body, long-term wearing will make the trace elements on white opal slowly soak into the skin from the pores of the skin, It is very suitable for people with poor blood flow and inflammation.
4. Soothe the nerves and help sleep
White opal also has the special effect of calming the nerves and helping sleep. Hanging white opal on the chest for a long time can not only calm down the restless mood as soon as possible, but also help people who suffer from insomnia. The role of sleep quality.
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