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Product Name: Rhodonite Rings
Product material: see the picture below
Product weight: about3~5g
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  • Hot Selling Rhodonite Rings
  • Hot Selling Rhodonite Rings
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Rhodonite is a silicate mineral found in various manganese ores. It is mainly used as decorative stone or ornaments and sculptures. The crystals of rose pyroxene are plate-like or plate-columnar, and the aggregates of crystals are granular or massive, light pink to red with vitreous luster. After the surface of rose pyroxene is oxidized, it often appears some black, which is a film formed by manganese oxides and hydroxides.
1. It helps to eliminate the obstacles of doubt, confusion and distrust in people's hearts and minds, to be able to see the situation clearly, to keep calm, and to build confidence.
2. Increase affinity, and it is not easy to lose confidence due to external blows, setbacks, and failures, allowing people to move forward bravely, suitable for salesmen to wear.
3. Meditately staring at the pink color of the rose pyroxene helps to bring up the noble sentiments in the heart, full of emotional compassion, and make the perception more sensitive.
4. It helps to promote the blooming of the heart chakra, and is more tolerant and understanding of people and the real world.
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