Hot selling vintage rings, labradorite rings

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Product Name:labradorite rings
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  • labradorite rings:
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  • Hot selling vintage rings, labradorite rings
  • Hot selling vintage rings, labradorite rings
  • Hot selling vintage rings, labradorite rings
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Labradorite is an important rock-forming mineral that occurs widely in various intermediate, basic and ultrabasic rocks. Only very few of them can be used as gems. Because labradorite often has poly-lamellar twin crystals or has fine alternating layers of albite formed by solid solution detachment and sometimes has fine pores parallel to {010} crystal planes, its transparent or translucent varieties can have some special properties. optical effect. Some have opalescence, can be polished labradorite moonstone; some have iridescence, called iridescent labradorite.
Labradorite, also known as gray moonstone, gray moonstone, and sparkling stone, is a spar full of spirituality and healing properties. Labradorite can help exude personal charm and attract people with similar souls, so labradorite is often considered to attract "soul mates" and protect love. In addition, labradorite is also a spar that can clean up negative energy and help sleep.
The efficacy and role of labradorite
clear negative energy
Labradorite is a monoclinic ore, corresponding to the throat and crown chakra of the human body. It has very gentle and delicate energy, which helps to dissolve the negative energy in the body and provide positive energy support. For those who often go in and out of negative energy places, or feel that they have accumulated too much negative energy, it is especially suitable to wear labradorite.
Protect love and find soul mate
Labradorite is also considered to be a spar that protects love. Labradorite helps resolve disputes between couples due to emotional impulses and misunderstandings, so that each other can better understand each other's feelings and put themselves in each other's shoes.
In addition, labradorite can also help people to exude their own hidden charm, especially for people who are more introverted and prone to self-denial, labradorite can help show their true self, thereby attracting people around them who are in line with their true soul, so pulling Feldspar is often considered to attract "soul mates".
Healing wounds
In the process of our growth, sometimes in the face of external stimuli, we will rediscover the trauma of the past, and we try to transform in the process. But sometimes it is difficult to persevere, and eventually these scars will be buried again, and the shadows and fears in our hearts always make us repeat the same mistakes.
These injuries and traumas are hidden in our hearts, and they seem to no longer affect us, or even be forgotten by us, but the negative energy brought by those experiences still affects our character and choices. Because we are afraid of being hurt again, we constantly escape from the subconscious. .
Labradorite helps us to clean up the negative energy, so that these negative energy will no longer interfere with us, and lead our mind to walk through the dark night smoothly, recognize the fear in our heart, and unravel the knot of our heart.
Labradorite can help us transform these traumas, find the courage to face our true self, eliminate fears and doubts about the future, let our soul grow, and start a journey of self-seeking.
When we want to face the dark side of our hearts, or long for support and encouragement, labradorite gives us the strength to face our inner challenges.
Improve awareness and stimulate potential
Labradorite can be used for meditation, which helps to improve our intuition and awareness, feel the ripples in our hearts, relieve the persistent thoughts of horns, and also gain insight into the truth of things around us, distinguish right from wrong, and not be affected by illusions and appearances. Confused, out of a state of ambiguity and confusion.
Labradorite also helps to stimulate our potential. For those who are prone to fatigue, Labradorite helps to improve the recovery of body energy.
Soothe your emotions and help you sleep
The calm and gentle energy of labradorite can soften the heart and help us soothe our impatience. Sometimes we become impatient and impatient due to the pressure around us. Stones can soothe our emotions and calm our minds.
Labradorite is also a spar that is very helpful for sleep. For people with insomnia, they often cannot calm down their minds in the middle of the night. You can put the labradorite under the pillow to help calm our minds and relax our bodies. , enter the sleep state.
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