Azeztulite Rainbow Light White Crystal Metal Surround Pendant

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Product Name:Azeztulite
Product material: white crystal
Product weight: about 16g
Product unit price: one
Product size: about 21mm
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  • Azeztulite Rainbow Light White Crystal Metal Surround Pendant:
  • Azeztulite Rainbow Light White Crystal Metal Surround Pendant
  • Description
Acestral is the highest frequency crystal on Earth.
Unlike other crystals, Ace is not identified by chemical elements; what makes them stand out is the unique frequency that Ace shares, a special flow of high-frequency energy.
Asai is not only available in white, but also in pink, purple, and gold.
Asai crystal is the materialized form of cosmic light, meaning "nameless light".
Asai, somewhere between white and transparent, is the channel we use to stay in touch with Earth as we travel across dimensions. It helps us connect with higher dimensional wisdom, elevate our level of consciousness, and see the light of spiritual essence.
treatment effect
Emotional Body Clearing
Azeztulite, also interpreted as passion for light, means "the desire for inner light".
Students who have participated in the light and shadow meditation must have felt the warm and bright feeling of going to the sun.
Asai is closely related to the sun at the center of the universe. Surrounded by light, all shadows are melted and one is completely immersed in reality.
Asai has the ability to purify the chakras throughout the body, especially our emotional body, and has a powerful cleansing effect.
When I connect with Asai, I can feel a slight quiver in my brain just by holding it in my palm.
Those negative energies gradually melted in its light. The bondage to oneself, the fantasy caused by fear, the anxiety caused by sympathy for others... all melted in the light, and the rigid mind that was oppressed by emotions gradually became clear.
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