Hand Carved Blue Smelt Stone Nine-Tailed Fox

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Product name: Blue Smelt Stone Nine-Tailed Fox
Product material: see the picture below
Product weight: about 38g
Product unit price: one
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picture one   46.9×42.9mm
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  • Blue Smelt Stone Nine-Tailed Fox:
  • Hand Carved Blue Smelt Stone Nine-Tailed Fox
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There are two interpretations of "smelting crystal (stone)" crystal products. One is the so-called "smelting stone red ball" and "red smelting stone playing" that are currently on the market in large numbers. Because of its color and texture like crystal, merchants call it a smelting crystal ball. The interpretation of the merchants is: the crystal is smelted by high temperature, so people call it "smelting crystal". Second, people who manage crystals often call synthetic crystals "melting crystals", thinking that synthetic crystals are crystals that are recrystallized by melting small crystal fragments at high temperature. In fact, both of the above explanations are incorrect. The so-called red smelting balls are actually quartz glass balls, and the synthetic crystals are slowly crystallized and grown in the autoclave.
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