Hand-carved natural crystal fire quartz nine-tailed fox

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Product name: fire quartz nine-tailed fox
Product material: see the picture below
Product weight: about 47g
Product unit price: one
Product Size:
picture one   76.2×37.4mm
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  • fire quartz nine-tailed fox:
  • Hand-carved natural crystal fire quartz nine-tailed fox
  • Description
The red glue flower is a natural formation and the natural scenery in the crystal body. The main features of the glue flower stone anomalous crystal and the production of ghosts are roughly the same. The inside of the crystal contains volcanic mud, ash and other minerals. Because natural red glue flower crystal is extremely rare, the price is relatively expensive.
The red glue flower crystal has the functions of fortune, fortune, house control, ward off evil spirits, block evil spirits, purify the whole body, remove sickness, urge peach blossoms, promote feelings, and promote good luck.
Yellow glue flower crystal is unique for recruiting noble people. The magnetic field emitted by yellow glue flower crystal can attract helpful people for you, especially for your career and future.
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