Hand Carved Natural Crystal Ocean agate Stone Nine Tailed Fox

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Product name: Ocean agate Stone Nine Tailed Fox
Product material: see the picture below
Product weight: about 28~32g
Product unit price: one
Product Size:
picture one   46.9×38.2mm
picture two   50.2×36.5mm
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  • Ocean agate Stone Nine Tailed Fox:
  • Hand Carved Natural Crystal Ocean agate Stone Nine Tailed Fox
  • Hand Carved Natural Crystal Ocean agate Stone Nine Tailed Fox
  • Description
The efficacy of ocean agate:
1. Nourishes the skin
The texture of ocean agate is white and lustrous, with rich patterns and vivid colors. It is really the best accessory to match with clothes. Especially for women, wearing ocean agate properly will make you radiant and youthful.
2. To ward off evil spirits
Historically, the ancients believed that agate could bring good luck and happiness. Marine agate is a fine product in agate, and naturally inherits the spirituality of agate. Marine agate is also known as "good luck stone", "happiness stone" and "evil warding stone". Wearing it on your body will increase your confidence and good things will happen again and again.
3. Medical
According to foreign literature records, ocean agate because of its white texture, fine, smooth, round and transparent stone can reduce eye problems, and it is also helpful for gallbladder, liver, bladder, bones and blood circulation system.
The role of ocean agate:
1. High collection value
Marine agate was buried in the depths of the ocean hundreds of millions of years ago, and evolved through years of baptism and peculiar crustal changes. With high-quality agate properties, the texture is hard yet soft, and the degree of warmth and whiteness is comparable to that of suet jade. It has a peculiar pattern like Huanglongyu, and the picture is lifelike. It is whiter, more transparent and more lustrous than Huanglongyu. The storage of this precious jade-grade raw material is extremely rare.
2. Appreciate
In the jewelry industry, the ocean water plant pattern of ocean agate is purely natural, and it is the most abundant and unique. It is a great pleasure to display picturesque ornaments and hand-made pieces at home. That is to cultivate sentiment, show preciousness, and beautify the vision, seductive and pleasant. People who have lived in cities for a long time can feel the kindness, peculiarity and natural beauty of nature at home.
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