Hot sale 925 silver earrings, aventurine earrings

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Product name:  aventurine earrings
Product material: see the picture below
Product weight: about 5g
Product unit price: one
Product size: about 18mm
Product packaging: OPP bag
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  • aventurine earrings:
  • Hot sale 925 silver earrings,  aventurine earrings
  • Hot sale 925 silver earrings,  aventurine earrings
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Aventurine jade, scientific name: aventurine, also known as ocean stone or aventurine stone, is called chrome-containing mica-quartzite in geology. China's Yunnan, Guangxi, Guizhou, Beijing, and Xinjiang are all distributed, and the largest mine production is India, so it is also known as "Indian Jade". Its inclusions usually contain microscopic grains, pyrite, etc. There are two kinds of aventurine stone, green and red, most of which are opaque, occasionally a little translucent, and the hardness is similar to that of crystal.
Blue aventurine is some lineite quartzite. Dongling stone, also called Dongling jade, scientific name is aventurine, and it is also a kind of crystal. The most common in the domestic market is the green aventurine from India. The country that produces aventurine stone in the world is mainly India, and its emerald green variety is called "Indian Jade".
Effect of blue aventurine stone
The spiritual effect of aventurine jade The crystal has a unique composition and structure, and its powerful spirituality is innate, as is the aventurine jade, a member of the crystal family. Dongling jade has a powerful purification effect, which can purify the surrounding evil spirits and drive away the unclean things to achieve the effect of warding off evil spirits. It can also reverse people's bad luck and bring good luck and wealth to people.
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