Hot sale 925 silver earrings, blue lace agate earrings

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Product name: blue lace agate earrings
Product material: see the picture below
Product weight: about 5g
Product unit price: one
Product size: about 18mm
Product packaging: OPP bag
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  • blue lace agate earrings:
  • Hot sale 925 silver earrings, blue lace agate earrings
  • Description
blue lace agaterefers to blue or blue and white agate. This is a very beautiful agate, and the larger size is a good material for jade carving. Premium color navy. The second is lighter in color. Blue and white are also very beautiful, and when there is a fine-grained band structure, it belongs to the variety of silk agate. Blue agate, also known as blue chalcedony, is a cryptocrystalline quartz gemstone.​​
Agate stone is wet soil in the whole five elements, blue lace agateis mainly water, and it is the throat chakra in the seven chakras of the host body. It is suitable for some industries that use language, conversation, voice, etc. such as teachers and salesmen. In terms of spiritual practice, because the "throat chakra" is a conversion station between spiritual power and physical power, the development of the "throat chakra" will help spiritual practitioners to achieve comprehensive progress, and can also enhance personal "comprehension". blue lace agatecan emit fluctuations to recover from fatigue, effectively improve mental strength, develop memory energy in the brain, improve stubborn and stubborn temper, and improve the ability to read. It is also a good talisman for people who travel frequently. It can protect safety and avoid some negative energy. It also has the effect of warding off evil spirits for children. The blue lace agatecorresponds to the throat chakra, which can increase the ability of self-expression and communication and coordination. blue lace agateis a good therapeutic and auxiliary crystal. Its energy is thick, stable and soft, which can bring people a sense of tranquility. Crystal therapy believes that it corresponds to the throat chakra, which can help people experience higher levels of energy, express thoughts and feelings more freely, eliminate anger, inhibit infection, inflammation and reduce fever.​​
Psychologically, blue lace agateis said to relieve depression caused by fear of criticism or rejection. This kind of depression is common in parent-child relationships. Once the patient is ashamed of self-expression and inhibits self-emotion, it will cause the throat chakra to be blocked, and the heart will feel suffocated from time to time. blue lace agatecan make people free from the shackles of old patterns, relax, become more sensitive and delicate, and at the same time begin to dare to try new expressions.​​
blue lace agatehas a remarkable effect on the throat. It removes barriers to self-expression, relieves neck and shoulder ailments, and aids in the treatment of conditions such as hypothyroidism, throat and lymph gland infections. It also reduces fever, removes disorders of the nervous system, and is effective in treating arthritis, fractures, hydrocephalus, as well as the skeletal system, capillaries, and pancreas. Blue Onyx can also be used to treat fluid disorders in the brain, for example, or to enhance the effects of sonic therapy - concentrating sound waves and directing them to the right places.
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