hot sale 925 sterling silver earrings, sun stone earrings

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Product name: sun stone earrings
Product material: see the picture below
Product weight: about 5g
Product unit price: one
Product size: about 18mm
Product packaging: OPP bag
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  • sun stone earrings:
  • hot sale 925 sterling silver earrings, sun stone earrings
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Sunstone scientific name "sunstone" or "Venus feldspar", a kind of plagioclase. It is named for the fact that there are many neatly arranged and brightly colored flaky mineral inclusions in feldspar that reflect golden highlights when illuminated by light, just like the rays of the sun. It is the product of the sun worship of various nations in the world. It is distributed in western Norway and some parts of the United States, and is also the state stone of Oregon, United States.
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