hot sale 925 sterling silver earrings, unakite earrings

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Product name: unakite earrings
Product material: see the picture below
Product weight: about 5g
Product unit price: one
Product size: about 18mm
Product packaging: OPP bag
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  • unakite earrings:
  • hot sale 925 sterling silver earrings, unakite earrings
  • Description
Unakite is a colored granite containing green epidote, pink feldspar, and milky quartz. Named for its original harvest from Unaka Ridge, North Carolina, USA.
The effect of green curtain granite:
Help resolve disputes.
Let go of the oppressive feelings we may be feeling in our lives.
Balances the physical energy of the heart and circulatory system.
Enhance your sense of self-worth.
Gently remove emotional disturbances.
Encourages us to look at our lives, our problems and our achievements with a detached attitude
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