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Product Name:aquamarine headband
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  • hot selling aquamarine headband
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Aquamarine (aeroides, Aquamarine) is a silicate containing beryllium and aluminum, and is collectively referred to as colored gemstones together with garnet and tourmaline. The color of aquamarine is sky blue to sea blue or greenish blue. Its color is mainly due to the presence of trace amounts of ferrous ions (Fe2+). optimal. Beryl is a beryllium-aluminosilicate mineral.
Aquamarine corresponds to the "throat chakra" in the seven chakras of the human body, which can help the individual's ability to express, language, comprehension, throat health, and balance the role of the lymphatic system. Cold respiratory tract pain, inflammation, toothache, you can use aquamarine to lay flat on it, or stroke it back and forth to help reduce the pain. It also has the power to hypnotize and suppress evil, as well as magical medical value. Water soaked in aquamarine can cure eye diseases and hiccups.
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