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Product Name:obsidian headband
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  • obsidian headband:
  • hot selling obsidian headband
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Obsidian is mainly composed of silica, which is a kind of natural glass formed by the rapid cooling and condensation of volcanic lava when it touches the sea water. Ordinary obsidian still appears opaque black under strong light, but the surface will have a dreamy color The red eye or the golden sand effect, which is as delicate as golden sand, will have a clear transparent texture under strong light. After the light transmits, it will show a charming translucent brown color. This is the most precious and rare ice obsidian in obsidian. .
The four functions and functions of obsidian
Obsidian has the function of warding off evil spirits and treating insomnia, which is very effective.
The energy of obsidian is very strong and strong, and it has the best effect of warding off evil spirits. Wearing obsidian with you is the best amulet and evil spirit.
Obsidian corresponds to the bottom chakra, which can effectively eliminate the negative energy of the body and promote new energy; it helps to eliminate fatigue, stress, headache, absorb and eliminate the body's sickness, turbidity, and quickly restore physical strength.
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