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Product Name:peach moonstone headband
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  • peach moonstone headband:
  • Hot selling peach moonstone headband
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1. Orange Moonstone/Moonstone
The most valuable orange moonstones according to sources are from Sri Lanka and India and are feldspar minerals.
Crystal Color Peach to orange is an opaque mineral with beautiful color.
2. The position of the chakra corresponding to the orange moon stone
Chakra position
It supports the heart chakra and can also treat problems between the stomach chakra and the root chakra.
3. Healing aspects of orange moon stone
Healing content
Soothes worry and anxiety, and manages emotional problems such as depression and anger.
Helps improve the ability to absorb nutrients and digestion, increase your physical strength, and at the same time expel harmful toxins from the body.
For women, it can help adjust the body's energy during the menstrual cycle and relieve the problems caused by menstruation.
It is also said to help nourish the heart and soothe the nerves after childbirth, and speed up recovery and healing.
4. The effect of orange moon stone
Efficacy content
Helps increase intuition and insight, stimulate thinking, and stimulate your best potential.
Stimulate enthusiasm and increase the chance of success at work.
For passionate lovers, it can help increase the interest in life and make lovers more intimate.
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