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Product Name: pietersite rings
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  • pietersite rings:
  • hot selling pietersite rings
  • hot selling pietersite rings
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Pieterite is a variant of tiger eye stone, collectively referred to internationally as (pietersite), also known as "storm gem", which is a brown, brown, Yellow, blue and other colors, dense and hard quartz rock with silk luster, because the composition has become quartz, its hardness has also risen to 7, and its specific gravity has dropped to about 3.1, which is a high-grade gemstone material.
The efficacy and role of peter stone
1. It can exert the power of a king, make it easy to reach an agreement on events, achieve fame and fortune, have the functions of warding off evil and attracting wealth and gathering wealth, and is full of sun-like energy.
2. A gem that can inspire courage, bring confidence and make people brave; it can be done consistently, and a person can stick to principles; it can also strengthen the vitality of the body, suitable for those who are infirm or just recovered.
3. Rare things are precious. Peter Stone is the best gift for elders, superiors, relatives and friends. It is noble and elegant. Taking this as a gift can let the other party realize your respect and uniqueness to him.
4. Peter Stone has strong energy protection properties. It keeps the neurons in people and animals unstimulated and calm when a storm comes, so it's especially useful when driving in bad weather, while also protecting your home and business from storm damage. At the same time, it also has the effect of radiation protection, especially for people who use computers frequently and use mobile phones for a long time.
5. Peter Stone can cure diseases. Peterstone can stimulate the human body, provide energy for the body, and stimulate the energy of the neurons in the brain. Therefore, it is very useful for curing headaches, neurological diseases, breathing difficulties, stomach problems and dizziness.
6. Peter Stone's spiritual therapy and energy balance. Peter Stone can stimulate the human body's potential and enhance people's prediction of the future. The gold-based Peter stone can activate the second and third chakra, the sun chakra; the dark blue Peter stone will activate the third eye chakra of the human body. The activation of chakras in various aspects of the human body helps people to improve their ability to predict and predict.
7. Peter Stone is like a ray of light in the sky, making everything show a new scene, so Peter Stone can eliminate the negative energy and anxiety of the human body, purify the body and mind, and make everything return to normal.
8. Peter stone is also a kind of "prophecy stone". According to a certain point of view in metaphysics, this gemstone is closely connected with the body during the meditation process, and can quickly make people enter a very high state of transformation of consciousness.
9. It is said that it can also stimulate people's eyebrow chakra and pineal gland, gain intuition, improve prediction ability, and make spiritual visions clearer.
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