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THz waves (terahertz waves) or THz rays (terahertz rays) were officially named from the mid-to-late 1980s. Before that, scientists would collectively call them far-infrared rays. Terahertz waves refer to electromagnetic waves with frequencies in the range of 0.1THz to 10THz, and wavelengths in the range of about 0.03 to 3mm, between microwaves and infrared.
In 1896 and 1897, Rubens and Nichols were involved in this band, and the infrared spectrum reached 9um (0.009mm) and 20um (0.02mm), and then there were records of reaching 50um. In the following nearly 100 years, far-infrared technology has achieved many achievements and has been industrialized. However, there are very few research results and data involving the terahertz band, which is mainly limited by effective terahertz generating sources and sensitive detectors, so this band is also known as the THz gap.
With the development of a series of new technologies and new materials in the 1980s, especially the development of ultra-fast technology, the acquisition of a broadband and stable pulsed THz source has become a quasi-conventional technology. THz research boom.
A terahertz power stone is a mineral that is characterized by a solid visual effect and emits a silvery glow. However, it is actually an artifact made of "silicon" rather than natural stone. The reason why "terahertz" is called "light of life" is that it is closely related to the metabolism and development of life. This frequency is called the transmitted wavelength, and has the property of passing through matter, and the force seems to reach every corner of the human cell, giving the body an "active effect" and sending the world into a frenzy of research.
Terahertz waves have the characteristics of strong penetration, high safety, and good orientation, and can play a huge role in medical treatment and exploration.
The unique properties of terahertz give communication (broadband communication), radar, electronic countermeasures, electromagnetic weapons, astronomy, medical imaging (label-free genetic inspection, cell-level imaging), non-destructive testing, security inspection (biochemical inspection) and other fields had a profound impact. Because of the high frequency of terahertz, its spatial resolution is also high; and because its pulse is very short (on the order of picoseconds), it has a high temporal resolution. Terahertz imaging technology and terahertz spectroscopy technology thus constitute the two main key technologies of terahertz application. At the same time, because the terahertz energy is very small, it will not cause damage to the material, so it has more advantages compared with X-rays. In addition, since the resonance frequencies of the vibration and rotational frequencies of biological macromolecules are in the terahertz band, terahertz has a good application prospect in the agricultural and food processing industries such as grain selection and selection of excellent strains. The application of terahertz is still under continuous development and research, and its broad scientific prospects are recognized by the world.
The efficacy and function of terahertz stone
Active physiological function
relief the pain
Eliminate discomfort
relieve fatigue
to promote metabolism
reduce tension
Eliminate negative pressure energy
Improve sleep quality
Corrective magnetic field
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