labradorite tumble stone

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Product name: labradorite tumble stone
Product material: see the picture below
Product weight: about 50~100g
Product unit price: one
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  • labradorite tumble stone:
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  • labradorite tumble stone
  • labradorite tumble stone
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Labradorite is a kind of plagioclase, which is an isomorphic series composed of albite (NaAlSi3O8, symbol Ab) and anorthite (CaAl2Si2O8, symbol An), usually using the percentage of An molecule. The content of plagioclase indicates the composition of plagioclase. Labradorite is a neutral plagioclase with an An content of 50-70%. Pure and beautiful plagioclase can be used as a gem, but it is not very expensive.
The spiritual effect of labradorite:
1. It has stable, firm, long-wavelength energy characteristics. For those who are prone to fatigue and often lack physical strength, it helps to strengthen vitality, increase physical strength and endurance.
2. For those who often need to work overtime, you can wear labradorite, which helps to replenish physical strength unconsciously and is not easy to fatigue.
3 When the eyes are tired and the throat is sore, the labradorite can be attached to it, and its energy can be used to soothe and return to normal.
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